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CitraTest VU
CitraTest VU is one of the best solutions for Terminal Server load testing available today. CitraTest VU is used by IT administrators to identify performance bottlenecks before the applications are delivered to the real production environment.

Precise modeling in a server-based computing environment requires a unique approach compared to web or client-server load testing. Though applications are deployed via all terminal servers, none of the basic controls or objects get delivered to the client. A proprietary protocol installs only an image of the application from the server to client’s GUI. CitraTest VU is thus an ideal load modeling solution for Terminal Server load testing.

CitraTest VU delivers the following features for Terminal Server load testing:

  • Monitors and records server performance metrics
  • Using automated scripts to replicate the actual user activity in the client GUI, it generates 100% realistic load modeling scenarios with varying number of "virtual users"
  • It measures end to end application response metrics from the actual users perspective under different levels of virtual user activity
How is Terminal Server load testing done by CitraTest VU?

CitraTest VU enables IT experts to form and execute real user replica within the production server environment. It uses "load generating machines" in order to generate the multiple users load against server environment under test while actively measuring response time and gathering system metrics. CitraTest VU installs no software in the production environment, thereby making it completely non-intrusive.

Through a technologically advanced "image recognition" system CitraTest VU copies transactions from the actual user’s perspective. It measures and reports end to end response time during playback by comparing the screen to “baseline response” images that are created during test script development. CitraTest VU is the only Terminal Server load testing solution that copies the actual user activity using the actual client connection GUI, without installing any software in the production environment, which is similar to that of an actual user.

CitraTest VU's superior image recognition logic allows intelligent "synchronization" and persistence in load test scripts. Other tools rely on time delays between each step and their scripts quickly fail as the environment is stressed and end to end response time increases. CitraTest VU’s dynamic image recognition is automatically built into the script logic. No additional scripting is required for image verification intelligence. It does not require that windows and images be displayed at the same location during each test playback.

Besides Terminal Server load testing, CitraTest VU is also used for load testing of other products like Citrix load testing, RDP load testing, ICA load testing, XenServer load testing, Terminal Services load testing, MetaFrame load testing etc.