IT Optimization Solutions
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Tevron Products
Through the deployment of Tevron®'s flexible technology, for the first time, every application across the entire enterprise can be actively monitored and tested. This includes web applications, client server applications, legacy applications, Citrix hosted applications, and Terminal Services hosted applications. No application is left behind.

CitraTest APM
CitraTest APM® is an all encompassing APM solution that addresses the needs of End-to-End Response Time Monitoring, Availability Monitoring, and SLA Enforcement with full support for EVERY application.
Proactively monitor all applications from a user perspective to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction across the enterprise
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CitraTest VU
CitraTest® VU is the ideal load testing solution for all Citrix, Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Terminal Services environments.
Because CitraTest VU is completely non-intrusive and replicates real user activity using the actual client GUI, the results are real-world metrics unmatched in the industry.
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Automate functional, performance and regression testing for ANY application. All Web browsers, all Web applications, all Thick Client apps, all cloud environments, all Terminal Emulation modes, Citrix, Terminal Server and any other legacy, packaged or custom application.
Assure application quality, reliability and predictability
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CitraTest Mobile
Boost application quality for mobile and desktop users. CitraTest® Mobile is an all encompassing Test and SLA Monitoring solution for Android devices, with full support for EVERY Windows based application.
Find and resolve problems before mobile and desktop users are impacted!
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CitraTest Mobile
CitraTest RPA® is an all-encompassing, Robotic Process Automation solution with full support for EVERY Windows based application and EVERY application that is accessible via Windows.
Reduce human error and increase productivity around the clock.
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Take your application performance monitoring and quality initiatives to the next level.