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CitraTest VU is a renowned XenServer load testing solution. CitraTest VU replicates real user load against the XenServer server farm to help IT professionals figure out how many users can be supported. It is simple to operate and helps the administrators identify performance bottlenecks before applications are run in the real production environments.

How is CitraTest VU applicable for XenServer load testing?

CitraTest VU Xenserver Monitoring Software enables IT professionals to replicate a real user environment against the production server environment. "Load generating machines" are used to generate multiple users load under test conditions while actively measuring response time and gathering system metrics. No software is installed in the production environment during this test run, thereby making CitraTest VU completely non-invasive.

CitraTest VU uses a superior "image recognition" approach to replicate transactions from the real user’s perspective. It also measures and reports end to end response times at the client GUI during playback by comparing the screen to "baseline response" images that are created during test script development. This makes it an ideal solution for automating real user activity within any server-based computing client interface. CitraTest VU can intelligently and consistently generate virtual user activity with this superior "image recognition" approach. It is the only XenServer load testing solution that replicates real user activity without installing any software in the production environment, just like a real user.

For XenServer load testing, CitraTest VU:

  • Monitors and records server performance metrics
  • Measures the end to end application response time from real users point of view under different levels of virtual user activity
  • Generates completely realistic load modeling scenarios which have a varying number of ‘virtual users’ by using automated scripts for copying real user activity

Besides XenServer load testing, CitraTest VU is also used for load testing of other products like Citrix load testing, RDP load testing, ICA load testing, Terminal Server load testing, Terminal Services load testing, MetaFrame load testing etc.