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Citratest RPA

Why CitraTest®

It is the only test automation solution that ensures quality, reliability and predictability for all your applications with just ONE license. Quickly configure CitraTest® for all your test requirements (functional, regression, performance, latency testing) and applications (Java, .NET, Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Server, Terminal Emulation Mode, SAP, Epic, Cerner, Salesforce, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.) and get instant value and results.
Test Real User Experience, the only way to ensure ultimate test accuracy and quality experiences for all your users. Immediately identify underperforming components, functional defects and other quality problems that need to be addressed before production release.
  • Realize 3x-6x better ease of use for instant value and results. Eliminate the need for advanced scripting skills! Simply automate all user actions, across all applications, with minimal effort, via an intuitive point-and-click scripting wizard. CitraTest® automatically recognizes, evaluates and measures responses during test script playback so you can see what the end-user sees.
Accelerate Time to Market. Rapidly test your applications --without any code changes or performance impact-- for complete peace of mind. Arm yourself with the information you need to make better decisions (production-readiness, capacity planning, Web performance optimization and so on). You can also rely on CitraTest® to quantify performance benefits of your technology investment (cloud, virtualization, datacenter consolidation, etc.)
Save Time, Money and Resources. Easily reuse your test scripts for production monitoring via CitraTest APM, or distribute test results to any 3rd party Network & Systems Management Console. Reinforce application SLAs on an on-going basis.

Assuring application quality, reliability and predictability is critical to operations, revenue, brand and reputation. Are you ready to take application quality to the next level?