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CitraTest RPA

Robotic Process Automation Explained
With robotic Process Automation (RPA), you can configure computer software to copy the actions of a human completing a business process, using IT tools and systems. CitraTest RPA generates real mouse activity and keyboard strokes against the target application while responding to the images on the screen – just like a real user. Except only way better. After all, a software robot never sleeps, never gets sick, never goes on vacation, makes zero mistakes and does not ask to be on the payroll.
Key Features
Improved Accuracy: Software robots do not get sick, tired, go on vacation or make mistakes!
Improved Compliance: You control the software robots to operate in line with existing regulations and standards.
Cost Savings: Tested and proven to deliver 40% faster automation design and deployment.
Scalable: Additional software robots can be deployed quickly with minimal investment.
Improved Productivity: Eliminate mundane activities and free up your employees for value-add, strategic work.
Boost productivity & realize significant savings!
CitraTest RPA® is the perfect solution for automating workflows and repeatable, business-rules-driven processes.
Smart Automation
Tevron’s powerful image and optical character recognition (OCR) technology is automatically embedded in each script. Analyze images and identify where actions need to be performed. Allow bots to use strings, coordinates, regions and user interface elements to identify target areas. Replicate and automate every user action and keystroke, for example, clicking on, comparing, verifying and awaiting displayed images. Capture, store and edit baseline bitmap images to define your automation scripts for your bots. Allow bots to scan an image and extract text and on-screen information.
Flexible, Powerful Platform
Using Microsoft Visual Studio, rapidly create Visual Basic scripts or leverage existing work. Enjoy full support for EVERY Windows-based application plus EVERY application that is accessible via Windows.
Faster Design and Deployment
Save time and money. Tested and proven to deliver 40% faster automation design and deployment.
State-of-the-art enterprise security, featuring Microsoft encryption for all passwords and user credential details.
Any number and combination of repeatable processes, covering all front-office and back-office requirements, no matter how complex. Ideal for applications like data entry, card activation, fraud claim discovery, report automation and data migration.
AI Functionality
CitraTest RPA delivers basic AI functionality to identify changes in image display location as well as variations in color.
Accelerate innovation. Start your RPA journey now and transform your IT workload.
How does RPA differ from other enterprise automation tools?
Faster, easier and more cost-effective. As CitraTest RPA is non-intrusive and sits on top of your existing IT infrastructure, there is no need for specialist hardware investment or concern about disruption to existing operations.
How does RPA work?
RPA robots can copy human user actions, such as clicking on links, making calculations, moving files and folders, copying and pasting data, completing forms, reading, writing and extracting data etc.
Remember - any business-rules-driven, repeatable process is a candidate for automation.
Why is RPA transformational?
Of course, some people are apprehensive about automation and worry about impacts to employment. However, you cannot afford to stick your head in the sand and ignore new developments. After all, it is only by leveraging technology that we can innovate and strengthen the IT industry’s ability to hire employees with the right high-tech, high-touch skills needed in this digital age. Just as there was a move from farm work to factory work back in the early 20th century, almost every sector will need new skills. The IT industry will continue to need talented people who can manage new operations, program the robotics and adapt and maintain new equipment. Robots have already replaced humans in 25% of China’s ammunition factories. Did you know that some estimates claim that robots may replace 800 million workers by 2030? The bottom line is that regardless of your industry and vertical segment, robots are here to stay.
This is your chance to seize competitive advantage – enjoy reduced costs, shorter time to project implementation and increased accuracy. Software robots integrate seamlessly into any system and constantly report on progress. This feedback loop means that you can continue to drive incremental operational and strategic improvements over the longer-term.