CitraTest APM
End to End Response Time
Monitoring for Every Application
CitraTest APM
CitraTest APM is an integrated APM solution that provides real time alerts through application monitoring, real time monitoring, application availability monitoring and Service Level Agreement enforcement for every application across an organization. CitraTest APM, with its renowned application monitoring feature, provides information and real time alerts on availability and response time of business critical applications. Through continuous testing, CitraTest APM provides the required information to monitor service levels as well as swiftly recognize and report application errors.

In order to minimize the impact to end users, one needs to know the availability of critical applications and how much time the application takes to process users requests. CitraTest APM provides the critical insight of real time monitoring and real time alerts so that application health is monitored and errors are minimized.

With Tevron’s CitraTest APM, one can do the following:

  • Test application availability and response time 24x7
  • Gain visibility into complex IT infrastructure so that problems can be pinpointed before end users get affected
  • Obtain real time alerts for problems, outages, delays etc. with the applications
  • Confirm that services are in line with service level agreements
  • Maintain a record of historical data for troubleshooting, analysis of trends, capacity planning, or analyzing trends in long-term behavior
CitraTest APM periodically executes synthetic transactions, taking response time measurements along the way. By automating the driving of an application just like a real user at the client end, CitraTest APM can ensure that all important aspects of an application or service are available and working within limits and if not, they generate a real time alert. Using the synthetic transaction model provides the benefits of being both pro-active and consistent. For example, an application can be actively monitored and can send out real time alerts to the IT help desk the moment a problem springs up with the application.

Amongst all the available monitoring solutions, only CitraTest APM can actively monitor and send out real time alerts for each and every application that is accessible from a Windows PC. This monitoring system can also undertake Citrix Monitoring, XenServer Monitoring, XenApp Monitoring, Tarantella Monitoring, Terminal Services Monitoring, Citrix load testing and RDP Monitoring.

Aberdeen "Best-in-Class companies identified by Aberdeen surveys and interviews were found to be twice as likely as others to manage deployed services proactively. This demonstrates and underscores how solutions such as Tevron's CitraTest APM can help companies to maximize the business value of their IT investments by monitoring application performance proactively and comprehensively."

- Michael Dortch
Senior Analyst, Aberdeen
Author of the recent study "Performance in a Service-Oriented Architecture World."