CitraTest APM
End to End Response Time
Monitoring for Every Application
CitraTest APM
CitraTest APM has been integrated with Micromuse for easy application monitoring. The integration with Micromuse helps CitraTest APM address the needs of application monitoring, transaction monitoring, application availability and response time monitoring of all applications within an organization. With the help of this Micromuse-integrated solution, IT administrators can overcome problems related to application monitoring and the overall efficiency of the IT operation can be improved.

A few advantages of Micromuse-integrated CitraTest APM are:

Complete End to End Service Management

CitraTest APM makes it easy to manage all applications within the organization. It is hence a complete end to end service management tool. Having CitraTest APM as an application monitoring solution can help IT professionals monitor, identify and resolve issues related to application health.

Better Control over Applications and Increased Efficiency

Micromuse-integrated CitraTest APM gives IT administrators a better control over all applications. CitraTest APM’s vigilant application monitoring ensures that the efficiency and availability of applications is increased. Tevron’s CitraTest APM is easier to configure and deploy in complex IT environments. High availability features are always supported in CitraTest APM, ensuring that the IT environment is constantly monitored.

Totally Non-Intrusive APM Solution

CitraTest APM is totally non-intrusive to the production environment. No elements of CitraTest APM are installed on any application or database servers, thereby making CitraTest APM fully non-intrusive and independent of the application environment, just like a real user.

With the Micromuse integration, CitraTest APM has become an even stronger application monitoring tool for all applications. In case of a global and complex application, CitraTest APM understands the interconnectivity and flow of applications and helps overcome the challenge of monitoring different applications. It also overcomes obstacles of clustered systems and proves to be a perfect APM solution.

Aberdeen "Best-in-Class companies identified by Aberdeen surveys and interviews were found to be twice as likely as others to manage deployed services proactively. This demonstrates and underscores how solutions such as Tevron's CitraTest APM can help companies to maximize the business value of their IT investments by monitoring application performance proactively and comprehensively."

- Michael Dortch
Senior Analyst, Aberdeen
Author of the recent study "Performance in a Service-Oriented Architecture World."