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CitraTest VU: A Complete Solution for Citrix Capacity Planning

Realistic and precise load modeling in a server-based computing environment requires a unique approach compared to web/client server load testing. With applications installed via all versions of Citrix (XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop, Presentation Server, Metaframe, etc.) and Microsoft Terminal Services, none of the underlying control or object is delivered to the client. Instead, a proprietary protocol delivers only an image of the application from the server out to the client Graphical User Interface (GUI).

CitraTest VU is the ideal Load Modeling Solution for all Citrix and Terminal Services Hosted Environments

Tevron’s CitraTest VU is an ideal Citrix Capacity Planning solution that:

  • Generates 100% realistic load modeling scenarios with a number of "virtual users" by using automated scripts to replicate real user activity in the actual client GUI
  • Measures end to end application response and availability metrics from the real user perspective - the actual client GUI - under different levels of virtual user activity
  • Observes and records server performance metrics
How does CitraTest VU® work?

Capacity planning helps avoid performance bottlenecks for future workloads. CitraTest VU enables IT professionals to create and execute real user replications against the production server environment. "Load generating machines" are used to create multiple user load against server environment under test while "Measuring machines" actively measure response times and gather system metrics. No software is installed in the production environment that makes it truly a "real world" test.

For Citrix capacity planning, CitraTest VU uses an advanced "image recognition" system to duplicate transactions from the real user’s perspective. CitraTest VU measures and reports end to end response time at the client GUI during playback by comparing the screen to “baseline response” images created during test script development. This makes it an ideal solution for automating real user activity within any server-based computing client interface. CitraTest VU can intelligently and consistently generate virtual user activity in the Citrix client interface or Microsoft TS/RDP client interface with this unique “image recognition” system. Citrix capacity planning can hence be done effectively through CitraTest VU.

CitraTest VU’s image recognition system allows intelligent "synchronization" and persistence in Load Test scripts. Other tools rely on time delays between each step and their scripts quickly fail as the environment is stressed and end to end response time increases.

CitraTest VU’s dynamic image recognition system is automatically built into the script logic. No additional scripting is required to add image verification intelligence. It does not require windows and images to be displayed at the same location when each test is played back. CitraTest VU runs on the client machine and is virtually non-intrusive, adding no overheads to the connection performance, making it a perfect Citrix capacity planning solution.