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CitraTest VU

Capacity planning is a vital part of computer networking to ensure a robust network functionality that can meet the future needs. Capacity planning hence includes estimating the hardware, software and connection infrastructure resources that will be needed by the organization. This helps avoid performance bottlenecks in the work environment.

Through capacity planning, one can identify the amount of resources required to meet service demands now, as well as in the future. In their support to capacity planning and performance monitoring, IT organizations are really evaluating the service levels they provide, which are decided by customer expectations. This delivers a huge advantage to IT Managers as well as their organizations Advantages of Capacity Planning for IT Managers

  • Capacity planning helps business unit Managers to receive capacity status as well as application performance report in business terms
  • It helps in providing the management objective proof of the infrastructure upgrades which are required
  • Capacity planning saves energy consumption by virtualizing and consolidating servers
  • It helps move to latest technology with confidence and efficiency
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) can be met with capacity planning without wasting money or the consumption of space associated with over-provisioning
  • Fixes performance issues and ends firefighting
  • Through capacity planning, IT Managers can face problems before they become business obstacles
Advantages of Capacity Planning for Business Firms

  • Efficient processes, management of capacity as well as better control over costs
  • Capacity planning increases the revenue of the company because it helps in higher return on existing investment in IT, higher productivity, low downtime, greater responsiveness to market dynamics, improved response time as well as maximum application availability
Capacity planning, hence, also has a huge impact in aligning business with IT in the following ways:

  • Capacity planning shows business needs for infrastructure upgrades
  • It helps in saving energy through optimization of requirement of power
  • Capacity planning helps with business IT service management
  • It minimizes costs and maximizes productivity through optimal purchasing decisions
  • In disaster recovery plans, capacity planning helps in handling projects after a catastrophe at data centers
CitraTest VU enables IT professionals to undertake capacity planning by creating and executing real user replications against the production server environment. "Load generating machines" are used to generate the multiple users load against server environment under test while "Measuring machines" actively measure response times and gather system metrics. No software is ever installed in the production environment making this a "real world" test.