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Real User Automation Scenarios

Perhaps, you work in a bank or healthcare company and need to transfer a million customer or patient records into a new system. What’s the best solution? How do you go about it quickly and effectively? One option is to hire a team of consultants to read and parse the data, check for duplicates, and dump the data into the new database. Another solution might be to transfer the data manually with assigned teams reading one screen while simultaneously entering data into the other system.

The problem is that both options are time consuming and expensive with a high risk of error. There are also data privacy laws to comply with plus the issue of software compatibility and the likely need to invest in middleware.  

Surely, there is a better way? Meet Tevron’s CitraTest RPA – the ideal answer for real user automation scenarios.  You know your own business processes better than anyone. In response, we’ve created tools to empower you to write your own customized scripts in Visual Basic. With CitraTest RPA, we provide you with a development toolkit – a library of functions and utilities that you can customize to drive your own applications in line with your business needs.

Use CitraTest RPA to develop software bots that will transfer the data from one system to the next, efficiently and accurately in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.  CitraTest RPA also features powerful OCR functionality to recognize and convert text on Citrix client machines into characters that can be sent as keystrokes to the target machine. As CitraTest RPA is image based, it works like a dream with Citrix, sending keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks, analysing what’s on the screen and waiting for the status to change. Our advanced solution enters data just like a real user would but without the risk of errors. 

Citrix is a wonderfully, supportive environment as it’s software-agnostic and sits on top of every application without interference. It generates minimal traffic on the network – the only data sent back from the server is a picture. You enjoy centralised software installation and updates. As multiple users can run on a single server, you can use thin clients and minimize the need to invest in costly hardware.

Tevron® is a global leader in RPA. Our solutions are successfully deployed across multiple vertical industries. Our customer portfolio includes industry giants such as the General Dynamics, Xerox, T-Mobile, Con Edison, T-Systems, Marathon Oil, and Alcon Labs to name a few.

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