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CitraTest APM

Network performance is managed by monitoring the availability of network based applications. The network-based applications include intranet, e-mail and client or server software. Application availability means the inclination of the applications to handle customer requests and return timely and precise responses. As a business becomes increasingly dependent on information technology, application availability is a universal concern for every business and IT infrastructure.

Application availability manages network performance in such a way that operational continuity is ensured during a given measurement period. This includes the ability of users to access the system, register new jobs, update or edit existing jobs, or collect the results of previous jobs. If a user cannot access the system, it is said to be unavailable. For today’s business-critical applications, enterprises require robust, proven solutions for application performance and IT monitoring. They must be confident of application availability and know that they are protected against physical server outages and failures which can have an impact on virtual servers and applications connected to them.

Tevron’s CitraTest APM provides a quick, efficient and discreet way to for monitoring application availability, reliability, and application performance. It also captures the hard-to-get URL-to-SQL application metrics. It presents these important metrics in a manner that enables effective communication and rapid detection, correction and verification throughout the application lifecycle. CitraTest APM increases application availability by a few percentage points, which can save valuable man hours and monetary resources.

In addition to monitoring and increasing application availability, CitraTest APM also addresses the needs of end to end performance, transaction monitoring based on the real user experience, availability monitoring and Service Level Agreement enforcement for every application across an organization.

CitraTest APM is amongst the only monitoring solutions that can actively monitor every application that is accessible from a Windows PC. These applications and environments include all custom applications, home-grown applications, web applications, Java, Cerner Millennium, Tarantella, XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop, Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix Metaframe, VMWare, Virtual PC, Terminal Services, Terminal Server all client server applications, thick client, all Terminal Emulation modes (3270, 5250, VT100, etc.), PeopleSoft, .NET, and Progress Software, to name a few. Knowing the overall end to end performance and application availability of all applications across the enterprise on a real-time basis is critical for the success of any business.


"Best-in-Class companies identified by Aberdeen surveys and interviews were found to be twice as likely as others to manage deployed services proactively. This demonstrates and underscores how solutions such as Tevron's CitraTest APM can help companies to maximize the business value of their IT investments by monitoring application performance proactively and comprehensively."

- Michael Dortch
Senior Analyst, Aberdeen
Author of the recent study "Performance in a Service-Oriented Architecture World."