CitraTest APM
End to End Response Time
Monitoring for Every Application
CitraTest APM
Tevron’s CitraTest APM is an all encompassing APM solution for application monitoring, SLA enforcement, end to end performance and availability monitoring for EVERY application across an IT organization.

Can there be a single application monitoring solution for all applications?

Most IT organizations have several different applications to support ranging from legacy applications, client server applications, web applications, to in-house developed applications. Till date, a majority of application monitoring solutions offer services for specific or popular applications only. As a result, several different APM vendors are typically used and many internal applications are provided no support. Until now, there hasn't been a single solution available that can keep up with supporting all different applications, development environments and protocols that are used by both legacy and modern systems. The cost of purchasing and maintaining several different products to support a total application environment can be quite huge.

Tevron’s CitraTest APM: A Complete Application Monitoring Solution

CitraTest APM is the only one solution amongst several available application monitoring solutions that can actively monitor every application that is accessible from a Windows PC. CitraTest APM can cover applications and environments like all custom applications, home-grown applications, green screen applications, web applications, Java, Cerner Millennium, Tarantella, XenApp, XenServer, XenDesktop, Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix Metaframe, Virtual PC, Terminal Services, Terminal Server, Propalms, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, all client server applications, thick client, all Terminal Emulation modes (3270, 5250, VT100, etc.), PeopleSoft, .NET, and Progress Software, to name a few. Knowing the overall end to end performance and availability of EVERY application across the enterprise on a real-time basis is significant for the success of any organization.

Unlike most application monitoring solutions, CitraTest APM is totally non-invasive to the production environment. Absolutely no elements of CitraTest APM are downloaded on any application or database servers, thereby making CitraTest APM fully non-invasive and independent of the application environment, just like a real user.

Aberdeen "Best-in-Class companies identified by Aberdeen surveys and interviews were found to be twice as likely as others to manage deployed services proactively. This demonstrates and underscores how solutions such as Tevron's CitraTest APM can help companies to maximize the business value of their IT investments by monitoring application performance proactively and comprehensively."

- Michael Dortch
Senior Analyst, Aberdeen
Author of the recent study "Performance in a Service-Oriented Architecture World."